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For two days, January 8 & 9, you'll have a chance to connect, collaborate and learn with some of the brightest educators, administrators and Moodle minds in Michigan. The third annual MI Moodle Moot features Thursday preconference workshops and 28 different breakout sessions at the Moot on Friday, along with a Help Room for one-on-one support to try out what you've learned.

The Moot opens which a short opening keynote, followed by 60 minute breakout sessions (you can attend 4.) Bring a laptop or Chromebook and have a course in Moodle to edit (laptops and courses available by request.) 

What is a Moot?  A moot (n) is an Old English word for a gathering or assembly.  "Moodle Moot" is the default name for conferences focused around Moodle. Moodle, an online blended learning system, provides the necessary tools for educators to create a virtual classroom. Moodle is the leading system used by K-12 schools and higher education in Michigan.

Preconference Workshops, January 8, 2015

Registration, 7:45 - 8:30 am

  • Full Day $40, includes light breakfast & lunch
  • Half Day $25, includes lunch

Morning Workshops 8:30 - 11:45am

  • Moodle for Beginners - Foundation
  • Tools to Flip Instruction
  • Take your Moodle Course to the Next Level and Engage Learning
  • Moodle 2.7 Site Administration Getting Started

Afternoon Workshops 12:30 - 3:45pm

  • Moodle for Beginners - Next Steps
  • Moodle Quiz - Basics and Beyond
  • Building Beautiful Courses: Layouts, Lessons, Blocks & Books
  • Moodle Admin - Improve Moodle from the Inside Out
MI Moodle Moot Preconference Workshops - Titles and Description (2 page .pdf)

MI Moodle Moot Preconference Workshops - at a Glance

MI Moodle Moot, January 9, 2015

Registration, 7:30 - 8:20 am

  • $40, includes light breakfast and lunch 
Breakout Sessions Support Three Strands

  • Getting Started with Blended Instruction & Moodle - Moodle 101, classroom applications, best practices
  • Taking Moodle to the Next Level - For Moodle using teachers looking to utilize new Moodle features
  • Moodle System Administrator & Support - Technical support for a Moodle site, configure and manage users, add-ons, and new features
Friday Opening Keynote

Engagement and Personalized Learning - Don't Forget about the Students
Jay Gross Jay Gross, Teacher - Shepherd High School

MI Moodle Moot Breakout Sessions

  • Add a Little Flip to Your Moodle Course
  • Bringing Multimedia Into Moodle: Sources, Methods, & Copyright
  • Captivating Students with Moodle Books & Lessons
  • Content Creation for a Moodle Course
  • Differentiated Instruction in the Math Classroom via Technology
  • Discussion Forms - How to Get Your Students Talkin'
  • Do We Need Badges?
  • Enrich Your Moodle Course – Embed Free Resources
  • Fast Feedback: Keep Your Students Engaged
  •  Friendly, Open Spaces for All Learners
  • Getting and Giving Courses at the REMC Moodle Hub
  • How to Create the Anti-file-pile Course
  • Instant Videos to Increase Access, Engagement, and Differentiation
  • Low Tech & High Engagement: Calm In the Virtual Classroom
  • Moodle & More: An Authentic (ELA) Learning Experience
  • Moodle Course Design Tips
  • Moodle eCommunity Platform, A LMS for Everyone
  • Moodle Features and Plugin's SMACKDOWN
  • Moodle for Beginners
  • Moodle in a CTE Classroom
  • Moodle in the Math Classroom
  • Moodle Site Administration Training for 2.7
  • Moodling Your Class to a Creative Place
  • MooGooling! – Moodle and Google Drive
  • Personalize Learning with Moodle Lessons
  • Sharing is caring - Share the load with Moodle
  • Tests & Quizzes made Easy in Moodle!
  • Using Lessons, Book, and Interactive Content to Engage Learners
  • Help Room - for expert one-on-one support to all your questions

MI Moodle Moot Breakout Sessions - Titles and Description (6 page .pdf)

MI Moodle Moot Breakout Sessions - at a Glance  





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