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#LearnMoodle part 2 kicked off with their Live Course Launch
Mary and Helen spend about 20 minutes talking about how the course will work, what students/participants will do (build courses and learn about course management), about certification and accessing the course using the Moodle Mobile app
Archived iNACOL Webinars
This is a list of free archived iNACOL webinars.
Archived MiLearnsOnline Newsletters
MiLearnsOnline Newsletters contain current information and resources on online learning.
Learn to use the REMC MLO Portal Webinar
The REMC MLO Portal contains resources that support online learning. The participant will learn how to use the REMC MLO Portal to find resources that support exceptional online learning, and how to access online learning courses, units and lessons.
LearnMoodle Week 3 kicks off and focuses on Assessments
Mary Cooch and Helen Foster kicked this week of #LearnMoodle off and the focus is all on assessments.
Upcoming MoodleMoots
A list of MoodleMoots at
Current Online Learning News
February Is “Black History Month” Here Are Related Resources
A link to Larry Ferlazzo's blog listing the Black History Month online resources.
Moodle 2.7 Release Highlight Videos
A set of videos highlighting Moodle 2.7
Moodle 2.8 Features That Students, Teachers, and Administrators Will Love
Just by looking the number of features and improvements that are introduced in the latest addition, one can quickly get a grasp on how much Moodle focuses on making the open source LMS so much loved by the users.
Partnering for Success: A 21st Century Model for Teacher Preparation
As advanced technologies enter the mainstream of everyday life, more than half of K-12 school districts are already offering — or interested in starting — blended and online learning programs.
Sept, 2014 21F FAQs
The September, 2014 21F frequently asked questions
The Michigan Department of Education & the Pupil Accounting Manual
The Michigan Department of Education has updated the following sections of the Pupil Accounting Manual:
Transforming K-12 Rural Education through Blended Learning:
The need for effective blended learning environments — the best of online and face-to-face learning, coupled with tools driving continuous assessment of progress and personalization of content — is on the rise throughout the United States.