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Learning Opportunities
2015 Flipped Teaching Conference - Free
A day to learn about Flipped Teaching - January 10 9 - 3
Archived iNACOL Webinars
This is a list of free archived iNACOL webinars.
Archived MiLearnsOnline Newsletters
MiLearnsOnline Newsletters contain current information and resources on online learning.
Are you Ready to Learn Online? Five Need-to-Have Skills for Online Students
This post outlines five of the most essential skills students need to be successful with online course work, 1) basic computer skills, 2) digital communication, 3) Web search, 4) time management, and 5) collaboration skills, AND includes excellent resources for learning more about each.
BLiC Registration is now open
Blended Learning in the Classroom (BLiC) The Blended Learning in the Classroom course begins with online work, and includes a face-to-face session a couple weeks after the course start date.
December Workshops You Won’t Want to Miss
The OLC Institute for Learning is offering 7 workshops in December to help you add new skills to your online teaching toolbox. Sign up and take advantage of one of these early and mid-December workshops before it’s too late.
Learn to use the REMC MLO Portal Webinar
The REMC MLO Portal contains resources that support online learning. The participant will learn how to use the REMC MLO Portal to find resources that support exceptional online learning, and how to access online learning courses, units and lessons.
MiMoodle Moot - 2015
Save The Date - MI Moodle Moot 2015, January 8 & 9, 2015, Mid Michigan Community College Doan Center, Mt. Pleasant MI.
Upcoming MoodleMoots
A list of MoodleMoots at
Current Online Learning News
Moodle 2.7 Release Highlight Videos
A set of videos highlighting Moodle 2.7
Sept, 2014 21F FAQs
The September, 2014 21F frequently asked questions
The Michigan Department of Education & the Pupil Accounting Manual
The Michigan Department of Education has updated the following sections of the Pupil Accounting Manual: