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Learning Opportunities
ADA Online Learning Webinars
All Sessions are scheduled from 1:00-2:30 p.m. (90 minute sessions) Central Time Zone(CT). The program is available in the following formats:
Archived iNACOL Webinars
This is a list of free archived iNACOL webinars.
Archived MiLearnsOnline Newsletters
MiLearnsOnline Newsletters contain current information and resources on online learning.
FlipCon 2015 - 8th Annual Flipped Conference
The Conference includes three plenary sessions, a job-alike event and plenty of networking focused on flipping the classroom.
MI Moodle Moot Webinars
Following the MI Moodle Moot 2015, there was interest in extending learning beyond the two-day conference. Chris Kenniburg and I have worked with Michigan educators to provide a series of online webinars scheduled for this spring. The first event is tomorrow. We have two scheduled and will be looking for presenters and topics for the fall. Our goal is to have one webinar each month. An archive of these webinars and future schedule of events will be posted to a page on the MI Moodle Moot site
Quick Introduction to the Moodle Event Monitor in 2.8
March Cooch created a host of video tutorial examples for features in 2.8, including the new event monitoring system.
Teaching The Teachers: Designing A Moodle MOOC To Support Educators
August 9 - September 5, 2015 Teaching with Moodle: An Introduction is a structured course delivered using the latest Moodle release. The emphasis of this Moodle MOOC is on engagement and collaboration. Participants will interact with one another in the various course activities such as forums, and work together in a customized environment that supports innovative teaching and learning.
Upcoming iNACOL Webinars
iNACOL Webinars for 2015
Current Online Learning News
Moodle 2.8 Features That Students, Teachers, and Administrators Will Love
Just by looking the number of features and improvements that are introduced in the latest addition, one can quickly get a grasp on how much Moodle focuses on making the open source LMS so much loved by the users.
Partnering for Success: A 21st Century Model for Teacher Preparation
As advanced technologies enter the mainstream of everyday life, more than half of K-12 school districts are already offering — or interested in starting — blended and online learning programs.
Planning and Designing for K-12 Next Generation Learning
Understand next generation learning and the need for change. Gain a working knowledge of the planning and change management processes.
Sept, 2014 21F FAQs
The September, 2014 21F frequently asked questions
Special Report on Blended Learning
In simple terms, blended learning is a strategy to combine technology-based instruction with traditional, teacher-to-student lessons. And it exists everywhere in school districts these days. This special report, “Blended Learning: Breaking Down Barriers,” examines how K-12 systems are overcoming the challenges related to this approach.
The Michigan Department of Education & the Pupil Accounting Manual
The Michigan Department of Education has updated the following sections of the Pupil Accounting Manual: