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"Wonder" App

Wonder codes the way we think. Combining unstructured play with hundreds of in-app challenges, Wonder makes robotics a delightful experience for every child.

Tech for Learners - Ideas for Using the Dash & Dot Robots
Useful Blogs

Blog entry with several practical ideas for incorporating Dash into your classroom in meaningful ways

The Maker Mom Blog
Useful Blogs

Blog dedicated to making creative kids with a passion for making

Wonder "Blockly" App

Take on coding challenges and make your own programs for Dash & Dot using Blockly. Transform Dot into an alarm, play tag with Dash, or use Dot to control Dash. Programming lets you turn your silliest or most ambitious ideas into reality

Wonder "Go" App

It’s your mission to teach Dash & Dot how to play. Send Dash on missions to deliver messages, use Dot to act out storybook characters, and go out and explore the world together. Getting started is easy with Go.

Wonder "Path" App

Program Dash to follow a path at the racetrack, on a farm, or in the big city! Unlock special abilities, sounds, and animations as you go forth and explore. When you finish the challenges, try creating your own stories and obstacle courses around your room!

Wonder "Xylo" App

Conduct a musical performance for family and friends using Dash’s Xylophone! Remake your favorite tunes or channel your inner Beethoven to compose your own songs from scratch.

Wonder Dash Challenges

Challenges designed to engage students as they use Dash

Wonder Workshop Lesson Plan Resources
Lesson Plans

Wonder Workshop's database of lessons involving Dash

Wonder Workshop Teacher Website

Wonder Workshop's Official resource for teachers, including links for websites and best practices

Working with Robots!
Video Help

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