Ozobot Resources

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Introduction to Ozobots (EduPaths Course)
Video Help

Guides you through a maze lesson meant to demonstrate the power of programming with robotics in following directions. The lessons included are meant to guide you, as the facilitator, through a maze activity with students. 30 min.


Official Ozo-Blocky website - Links for learning how to create a block-based program and load it into Ozobot Bit

Ozobot - Basic Training

Links to guides designed to help teachers get started with Ozobots

Ozobot - Getting Started

One-Page "How To" Getting Started Guide

Ozobot - Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans

Ozobot's official database of lesson plans featuring Ozobots

Ozobot Teacher's Guide

Introduction to Ozobots that describes why and how to get start using Ozobots in your classroom

Tech for Teachers Blog
Useful Blogs

Insightful blog entry about using Ozobots in the classroom