Blended Learning in the Classroom

Blended Learning in the Classroom

Professional development for blended learning success.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the Blended Learning in the Classroom course will be delivered through local REMCs/ISDs. Please check with your REMC/ISD to find out if is being offered locally. 

If your REMC/ISD is not offering the course locally, please complete this form if you are interested in learning more about a potential statewide offering of the Blended Learning course.

The BLiC experience is a professional development course created to provide teachers with effective training and continued support while moving into a blended environment. Research shows that blended learning is more successful for students than fully online or fully face-to- face. The BLiC course developed will lead you and your students to that success.

Blended Learning in the Classroom courses are led by trained instructors and prepare participants to effectively implement their own blended environment.

This course is for classroom teachers of students of all ages. The course covers the theory, pedagogy, and technical elements of online work in the blended classroom.

As a participant, you will engage with a learning cohort in a blended course and begin developing your own blended learning environment to implement with your students.

Most activities are completed online; there will be one face-to- face session with your instructor, and multiple virtual meetings throughout the course.

The course is NOT self-paced. Based on best practice identified by research, it is scaffolded within modules (units). While there is some flexibility of when you complete items in each unit, participants will be expected to spend 4-5 online hours each week in order to be successful in the course, where artifacts will be submitted weekly. Additional time will be expected each week for implementation into/practice with your own class.


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