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REMC Instructional Technology specialisTS

Supporting Michigan's K-12 Educators and Learners


RITS members meet regularly to collaborate around state initiatives, share best practices, and generate new ideas to support Michigan learners.  If you would like to connect with a RITS member please contact your REMC director (locate them here) or contact the RITS chair directly at

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Flipgrid is an app that works on all types of devices and provides a place where students can participate in video-based...
Take classrooms outside the classroom without leaving the classroom
As the logistics of education have changed the last twenty years, the idea of taking kids outside of their classroom has taken...
You Can Do what?
Have you ever had second thoughts or found a mistake seconds after hitting the send button on an email?  Gmail gives you the...
A Simple Way to Cure Your Google Identity Crisis
First of all, let me start by saying that I am all about making things easier with simple fixes.  There’s not going to be...
Celebrating Black Women Making History
Celebrating Women during Black History Month ~ just to name a few that you may not have studied before.  It is exciting that...




About RITS
Michigan's 28 Regional Educational Media Centers are housed at intermediate school districts or regional education service agencies and often include a person who supports the meaningful use of educational technology in the classroom.  Together these people form a statewide team known as RITS:  REMC Instructional Technology Specialists.