21 Things - Basics

1.1 Getting to Know Your Chromebook

Welcome to the Chomebook Edition of 21Things4Students!

Whether you use a Chromebook, Chromebase, Chrome tablet, or the Chrome browser, this is the place for you. Let's take a look at your device.

Let's start by getting to know your Chromebook better. A great place to start is the Chromebook Simulator. Work through the different sections listed below.

  1. In a school, your Chromebook is already set up and you have been given sign in information and your Chromebook is set up. You can skip the "Get started" section. If you are working on your personal Chromebook, you will want to complete this section.
  2. Use "Explore your Chromebook" or the links below to learn each of the following:
    1. Use your touchpad

    2. Top keyboard shortcuts

    3. Get to know your keyboard

    4. Set up & manage virtual desktops

    5. Set up Google Assistant

    6. Change your language

    7. Change your background wallpaper

  3. Explore the other sections to learn to use apps, print, manage your files, fix problems and more.