Q7 Car Cruising

13. Dig the Data Line Up
car cruising parking lot


Your teacher has been contacted by an advertising agency which represents car companies that want to sell more cars to school staff. They have asked you to help collect the data at your location as a sample, to see what features and cars the staff at your school drive. The car companies also want to offer a discount to people if they buy a vehicle in their birth month. Did you know that the tag on a license plate tells the birth month of the owner? In this lesson, you will collect data from the cars in your school parking lot (or alternate location as designated by your teacher) and create spreadsheets and graphs in a spreadsheet. You will then analyze the data, answer questions about your sample data, and prepare a report for the advertising agency.


1. Collaborating on data collection: work with one or two partners (or as a class) to collect the information from the parking lot. Share the data collected with the entire class. You will work in smaller groups to enter the data into the spreadsheet provided in Step 2.

Print this form to collect your information from the parking lot.

2. Open the Car Data Spreadsheet Excel Documentor this Google Sheet.

At the bottom of our sample, notice the tabs that say color, models, and month. Be sure you’re on the correct tab when entering your data.
sheet tabs CC

3. Entering the data: begin by filling in the color of the cars on the first sheet (use the information you gathered in the parking lot). Continue by filling in the information for the model and month.

4. Preparing to analyze the data:

Car Color: Click on the color tab. You will be totaling the number of cars in column B, figuring out the % of each color in column C, and then comparing your results to the survey data collected by RPG Industries (column D) by creating a bar chart of your results (from columns A, C, and D).

Open this pdf document to follow the steps.

Direct link to the video 

Model: You will be comparing your sample to the best selling cars in the U.S. in 2012. You will create a pie chart showing the car models from your data.

Open this pdf document to follow the steps.

License Plate Month: You will create a chart of your choice to best represent this data.

10. Create a screenshot of each of the spreadsheet pages and graphs. Insert or paste these into a word processing document or your portfolio to submit to your teacher.

11. Answer the following questions in your document:

  • What is the most popular color of car in the lot?
  • Which is the most frequent birthday month? What are the top three models of cars in the lot?
  • Which type of graph best represents each of the sets of data?
  • Why did you choose or reject each type of graph?

12. Check with your teacher on how you should submit this work.

Completing this Quest

Save your Image Captures and answers to the above questions in your File Space or as specified by your teacher.

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Competencies & Standards

MITECS   Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students, and

ISTE Standards for Students

5. Computational Thinker
b. collect data or identify relevant data sets

6. Creative Communicator
c. communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively by creating or using a variety of digital objects such as visualizations, models or simulations
d. publish or present content that customizes the message and medium for a variety of audiences