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Gold Investigating Dropbox

3. My Digital Life - Gold Quest Investigations

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Dropbox is a cloud-based service that allows you to save, store, and share files on a remote server. This can be really useful if you don’t have a flash drive with you when you need to save a file or if you need to share a file. In this Quest, you will learn how to create an account, save files to a virtual space, create folders, access your documents online and share documents with others.

Key Vocabulary

Remote server: A remote server is another computer not connected directly to your own computing device, which allows users to gain access to files and/or services. (a good example is Google Drive)

Cloud Management: Cloud Management refers to your ability to manage files that you save on a remote server through a service such as Dropbox.

I Can Statements

  • create a Dropbox account
  • create a folder and name it


1.  Go through the following tutorial to find out how to use Dropbox on your computer and on your iPad. Learn how to create your account, save and share documents and create folders. With Dropbox Basic, you can store for FREE up to two GB of storage.

2.  Go to Dropbox Basic and create a FREE account:

a.  Create a username and don’t ever use your real name as part of a username.

b.  Create a powerful password. 

c.  Record your username and password in a safe place.

(See your teacher for instructions about the best place to save your usernames and passwords)

2.  Create a folder and name it “your name - Cloud Management”.

3.  Find out your teacher's email address and share the folder.

4.  Once shared, your teacher will place a passcode in your folder.  

5.  Open the passcode and take a screen capture of the passcode. 

6.  Save it to your File Space.

Completing this Gold Quest

By completing this assignment you are certifying that you have created a Dropbox account, created a folder and shared it with your teacher. You took a screen capture of the passcode you received and saved it to your File Space.

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