My Digital Life

Special Operations Tips

3. My Digital Life

This page provides information to help customize your computing device operations to meet your preferences.

Reducing distractions on the page

Clean up a webpage (removing popups and distractions) - Chrome Mercury Reader app
Chrome extension Just Read cleans up a webpage (ads and popups), you can adjust the size of text, text color, color of the background, and more. Use the big X at the top of the page to turn it off. Just Read app
Apple Safari extensions (how to install on an iPhone) Safari extensions
How to turn on Accessibility features for Safari: Magnify your screen, colors and fonts of web pages, How to turn on accessibility for Safari

How to find my files

File management article with great tips The Art of Filing
Preventing and finding lost files (does have ads) Lost Files
Chromebook: select the App Launcher icon (bottom-left corner of your screen). Locate the app icon for Files and select it to open a window of your files stored on your Chromebook.


Macintosh computers have a Finder icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Select it and type the name of the file you are looking for.  
Windows 10: Search from the taskbar and type the name of the document in the search box. It will show results for your PC and OneDrive.  
Generic: Open the document you were using (example Word) and select Open recent... if it was a file you did recently.  
Google Drive: Use the Search Drive magnifying glass and type part or all of the name. You can filter results by selecting the column titles: Name, Owner, Last modified... to help locate a file. If it was shared with you, use the Shared with me icon on the left and search there.  
iPad: go to the homescreen and swipe from the left to the right. Enter the name of the file in the text box, scan through the results until you find it.  

Managing your time better

How to Stop Procrastinating video + Procrastination Worksheet  
How to Manage Your Time video + Wellcast Day Planner Sheet  


Seeing more than one window, or splitting your screen

Creating two browser windows with Microsoft Creating a Split screen
Chromebook Tips (includes dual windows) video Chromebook tips
Microsoft Edge tips and split screens video Microsoft Edge tips