My Digital Life

Reading and Studying Aids

3. My Digital Life

This page provides tips and tools for customizing your computing device to make it more accessible for your reading and studying preferences.

Here are some spelling tips and helpers:

Practice spelling words Homespellingwords
Practice vocabulary with games on Discovery Puzzlemaker
Free online dictionary from Wordsmyth Wordsmyth Dictionary

Turn on the Spell Checker for my Macintosh computer. If using a school computer ***check with your teacher first


Select the apple menu, then System Preferences, select Keyboard, select Text and check the boxes you want.

Turn on spelling checker for my Chromebook

Go to Settings. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced. Under Privacy, find "Use a web service to help resolve spelling errors." Turn on the feature by tapping on the slider. It will turn blue when it's on.

Turn on spelling checker in Windows 10 on or off Go to settings, then select devices. Select Typing from the list, See if Autocorrect misspelled words is turned on, and check if highlight misspelled words is turned on.
Turn on or off the spelling and grammar checker in Microsoft Word Select the Tools menu and select Spelling and Grammar Check.
What to do in Word when a word has a red squiggle under it

This means it is a spelling error. Right-click on the word to see options for the correct spelling.

How to enable spell check with the Microsoft Edge browser Microsoft Edge


Here are some grammar tips and helpers:

How can I get help with my grammar?


Use the Free GrammarCheck webpage. Copy your text and paste or type it directly into the box provided, then select Free Check button. Misspelled words are shown underlined in red, and clicking on the underlined word will give a list of spelling options for it.

In Google Docs, turn on grammar check

Go to the tools menu, select spelling and grammar, select show grammar suggestions.

In Microsoft Documents, to see the Spelling and Grammar check to turn it on.

Select the Review menu, then Spelling and Grammar

A with a check mark and Spelling & Grammar text