My Digital Life

Bookmarking, Study, Timers

3. My Digital Life

You selected one of the tools in the Column B to explore.

  1. Explore the key features of the tool(s) you selected
  2. Think about and discuss how the tool might play on your own personal strengths and support your productivity.
  3. Now add the name of the tool you explored in the Cool Tools section of your 3. Planning Document to rate it and brainstorm ideas of how it can be used.

Row A. Bookmarking (Diigo, Wakelet)


There are amazing tools that will save your favorite websites so that you can access them on any device that you are using. You create an account at a website like Diigo or Wakelet, save your favorite sites (bookmark) on their website so that you can access them at school, home, etc. 



Diigo is a bookmarking tool that allows you to save your favorite websites and access them on any device you are on. website
Learn how to use Diigo to save your bookmarks  Video demo 4.41 min Install the browser extension and easily save bookmarks when browsing on the Internet. 



You can gather links, images, and more into one organized collection in Wakelet.  Wakelet Website
Share your collections with your friends and teacher.  Wakelet Demo 3.25 min

Row B. Study Tools (Quizlet, Wolfram, GeoGebra, GCF LearnFree, MeL)

Study Tools

There are very good FREE study tools available on the Internet. They might be video tutorials and/or step-by-step instructions often with screenshots of each step. 



Quizlet is a fun way to study vocabulary in lots of different ways. Quizlet website
How Students Study Using  Quizlet 4.10 minute Video Tutorial

Study or play games (Match, Gravity, Live)


Wolfram Alpha

Find the answer to almost everything using Wolfram! Wolfram Alpha website
Take the Wolfram Tour to learn how to use Wolfram

Wolfram Alpha is for all ages!


GeoGebra is free math tutorials, calculator and graphing tools  GeoGebra Website
Tutorials Page  



GCFLearnFree is an online educational website focusing on technology, job training, reading, and math skills GCFLearnFree website
200 + Free How-To Videos on educational topics

Many step-by-step tutorials


Michigan eLibrary's Learning Express (FREE to Michigan residents)

Learning Express has a large library of skill practice tests.  Michigan eLibrary website
Search for a topic or narrow it down to Middle School by selecting School Center then Middle School

Create a login and password to save your place while taking the practice test or to save the results. 

Row C. Timers (Classroom timers, Classroom Screen, Pomodoro & Blocking out distractions)



Classroom Screen

Teachers and students can use the timers. clock, random name picker, drawing, QR code, etc on their computer.  Classroom Screen website
You can even customize the background screen with pictures or a solid color.  You can switch the instructions to 50+ languages


Classroom Timers

Access lots of fun and free timers

Classroom Timer website


Pomodoro Technique


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that can be used for any task.  Video Demo 5.47 min

At the beginning of each day select the tasks you need to complete and put them on a to-do list. 

  • Start working.
  • Start the Pomodoro timer.
  • Work until the Pomodoro rings.
  • Take a short break (three-five minutes).
  • Keep on working, Pomodoro after Pomodoro, until the task at hand is finished. Every four Pomodoros take a longer break, (15–30 minutes).
Pomodoro Timer
5 ways to use a time to increase your productivity Web article


Blocking out distractions

Online page to type with no distractions. Simple tools on the side


Use the Microsoft Office Focus techniques. Use View - then choose Focus. You can set the background color easily to be easy on your eyes. Web Article