My Digital Life

Reminders, Summaries, Vocabulary

3. My Digital Life

You selected one of the tools in the Column C to explore.

  1. Explore the key features of the tool(s)
  2. Think about and discuss how the tool might play on your own personal strengths and support your productivity.
  3. Now add the name of the tool you explored in the Cool Tools section of your 3. Planning Document to rate it and brainstorm ideas of how it can be used.

This cell features Calendars and Google Calendar

Calendar is the scheduling component of Microsoft Outlook that is integrated with email, contacts, and other features that is part of Office 365 as well.

Office support and an Introduction to the Outlook Calendar Outlook calendar features
Set or remove reminders using Calendar Outlook help on reminders

Google Calendar

Direct link to this YouTube video

Get started with Google Calendar Help Center Google support
Quick start training video (11 minutes) shown above Video tutorial


FYI Note: An app that teachers may use is called to communicate about assignments, tests, and such with students and parents.

This table cell includes Text Compactor and Summarize This.

Text Compactor is a free online text summarization tool built to help struggling readers process large amounts of information.

Direct link to this video on YouTube

Text Compactor is a tool where you can paste text, then determine what percentage of the text you want to keep in the summary by dragging a slider or typing the number in the box provided. Web site

Summarize This will summarize a block of text you paste into the box. website link


This cell features Rewordify, Wordsmyth and Vocabulary

Rewordify a resource to help you understand English text or a web page by simplifying the vocabulary.

Demo of rewordify step by step Web site demo
Rewordify Site Web site, a comprehensive dictionary with different levels

Dictionaries, puzzles, dictionaries, vocabulary center Wordsmyth site
Puzzle Solvers (anagrams and crossword puzzle helper)  


Vocabulary - see reading words in context or in photos visually Web site
Vocab grabber - create a word list and then practice new words in context Web site Computer terms dictionary
Duolingo - learn vocabulary for different languages for free
FreeRice game for vocabulary FreeRice
PBS Learning PBS Learning Language Acquisition and use