Q4. Let's Get Organized

3. My Digital Life


Have you ever struggled to find your stuff? Have you ever missed a deadline? Couldn't find your document? This quest focuses on helping you discover some ways to organize your area and digital workspace.  You will learn about, and try out, a variety of digital tools to help you stay organized. Whether you are a list maker, a sticky note user, or do everything with a calendar there are tools to help you.

Key Vocabulary

Homeless Files: Files that are all over the place and don't have a folder to call a home.

Organize: To arrange your things, tasks, and appointments in a way that helps you keep track of them.

Redundant File names: A file with a name that is not useful or doesn't make sense any more.

Repetitive File names: Files where the name might be in part of a series, but do not indicate what the content is about, such as document 1, document 2.... or image01, image02.

Sticky Note: a digital version of a paper Post-it Note.

I Can Statements

  • I can organize my workspace.
  • I can organize my assignments, appointments, and more.
  • I can organize my documents, files and folders


1. Open a word processing document (google doc, Word or other) and save it with the name: Getting Organized and add your initials to the end of the filename.

2. Make a heading (title) and name it: My Study and Work Space.

3. Write a paragraph describing the study/work space environment you prefer, such as lighting, noise, seating, table or work surface, location and favorite features. Here is a short list of some features to help your thinking:

  • Lighting: Dim lighting, Warm lighting, Bright lighting
  • Noise: music (genre), quiet, tv, low talking
  • Seating: chair, couch, beanbag chair, pillow on floor, easy chair
  • Table: desk, desk with a lot of space, small table, library table, laptop desk
  • Location: own room, library, school space
  • Favorite features
  • Save your document

5. Write a new heading and title it: My computing environment.

6. Write a paragraph describing:

  • What the opening screen of your computing device looks like (plain with 2-3 icons, covered with different files, loaded with app icons, organized with folders... Take a screenshot of your computer device desktop to insert (screenshot directions are in Basics Q2).
  • What your does your drive space looks like when you open it? (Google Drive, OneDrive, Main Document folder...). Are there loads of homeless files, redundant files, or repetitive files? Are there folders that organize your work? Take a screenshot of your drivespace folder to insert.

7. Write a new heading on your document: Personal Action Goal

8. Think about your description for step 6 and write ONE goal, such as: This week (or weekend) I will:

  • Create folders (maybe one for each class, or teacher, one for each year, or such) to organize my files.
  • Rename 10 files so I know what they are.
  • Move all the files into the folders.
  • Add color to the folders with important or upcoming assignments in them.

9. On your own time, work on your goal until it is completed, then write a new one.

10. Continue on to the content block below to learn about some tools to help you Organize Tasks and Homework (select the + symbol to expand the block).

Organizing Tasks and Homework

Free Tools for organizing your assignments:

Padlet Requires you to sign up with an email or your Google or Microsoft account.  
Google Keep This is a Chrome Extension that requires installation  
Google Calendar This requires a Google account  
Microsoft OneNote    


Final Step

Fill in the “I’m more productive when…” section of the My Digital Life portfolio/ infographic.  Please complete the following:

  • List the tools/settings you are using
  • Explain why you are using them
  • Give an example of how this works for you.

Completing this Quest

You have completed this Quest after completing the I Can Statement and steps above. You will consider the new information you have learned when you work on

 Check off this Quest on the 21t4s roadmap 

  I am ready to go on to Quest 5