GDocs Gold Quest

4. Collaboration with Google Docs
4.Gold google speech demo


Technology is constantly changing, and Google will be adding new features all of the time. Perhaps you know some neat features and tips that you can share with others around you. Please feel free to share your tips with us to post for everyone visiting this Quest.


1. Create a new document in Google Docs and title it 4.Goldxx (your initials).

2. Create a heading and title it New Features. Try out one or two of the new features from the Features List below. Write (or dictate)

  • what you tried out
  • how it worked
  • how it could be useful for you in your class work

3. Create a new heading and title it Exploration. Explore one of the menu features not listed, but available in the Add-ons or other menu options not covered in these Quests. Write (or dictate)

  • what you tried out
  • how it worked
  • how it could be useful for you in your class work

4. Create a new heading and title it Innovation. Be your own software designer and identify one or two features you think would be really helpful if it was added to Google Docs. Write a short paragraph describing your idea and how it will be useful.

5. Share what you discovered with a classmate and your teacher. Check with your teacher about turning this in.


Speech to text using the Chrome browser (not Firefox or Safari).
Are you tired of typing and love the way cell phones now let you dictate into them to send a message? Google has added this feature to Google Docs.


  1. Be sure you have the microphone or a headset with microphone working with your device, or it might be built in.

  2. Open up a new Google Doc Document

  3. Go to the Tools menu and select Voice typinggdocspeech2text

  4.  Click on the microphone icon that appears in your document, it will turn red showing it is recording. Begin speaking and watch as it types what you say.
    When you need a period say "period."
    When you need a new line, say "new line."
    When you are done click the microphone icon to turn it off.

Research (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
When you are working in a document and want to get some information, a citation, go to the tools menu and select Research. This will open a side window where you can search any topic, access a dictionary, images, and much more.

  1. If you are going to copy the information or photo, please use the Filter for usage rights as shown here, and select Free to use, share or modify choice.

  2. You will also find  a citation format where you can select between MLA, APA, and Chicago. Check with your teacher about citing your source.


Tools and Add-ons

Be sure to look at the additional Tools menu options, and also explore Add-ons drop-down menu..

Completing this Quest

To Complete this Quest check with your teacher about turning in your 4.Gold document.

Add this Quest to your 21t4sRoadmap under 4.Collaboration

You have completed an extra Gold Quest in Collaboration and are eligible for the Word Processing Award and Certificate. Take the quiz and do the feedback survey if you didn't do it earlier.