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Q3 Information Infographic

17. Creative Communications


  • Impact of ideas through numbers
  • Colorful and eye catching
  • Many designs available for communicating ideas in different ways (e.g. flowchart, poster, etc.)
  • Short and easy to understand
  • Can be included in a longer presentation


  • Not much room for explanatory text
  • Ideas must fit on a single page
  • Can be time consuming to create


1. Start this Quest by watching the 1:45 min Ad from Easelly at the top of this page and then visit Easelly.
Here is an Easelly Activity Book Tutorial to help you create an infographic with for different student activities.  

Alternate infographics:

2. To continue, register for a free account. This will allow you to save and share your work. 

3. Now that you are registered, let's get down to business. Your task is to design an infographic that presents your message in a simple, creative, and visual way.