Q3 Online Etiquette

6.Cyber Safety Cybershield


You have reviewed what proper online behavior is, now let’s test your Cyber Safety and Citizenship Knowledge. 

Review the materials about Digital Citizenship and Rules of Netiquette, then take the online quiz found below in Step 3. Try to get a score of 10 or better!

I Can Statements

  • be safe on the Internet
  • be a good digital citizen
  • understand online and email etiquette
  • be polite while communicating with others on the Internet
  • respect other's privacy


Digital Citizen: A digital citizen is someone who acts safely, responsibly, and respectfully online.

Qualities: Qualities are features that make a person or thing special

Netiquette: Netiquette is the rules about the proper and polite way to communicate with other people when you are using the Internet. 

Play the Vocabulary Game below to practice the Key Vocabulary. 

You can change the Quiz mode to Match, Test, Learn, Flash Cards, Spell using the selection list at the bottom right of the activity that says "Choose a Study Mode." Direct Link



1. View this Digital Citizenship Poster

2. Open and look at this poster Are You Committed to Digital Citizenship? from ISTE. 

3. Click the link provided for the Online Etiquette Cyber Shield Quiz. Enter your first name and the password - 21neti (short for netiquette).

4.  Before going on to the next Quest:

Check your score – it should be 10 or better for a strong Cyber Shield.
Less than 10? If your shield is weak, review the Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship and 10 Rules of Netiquette from Quest 1 and then re-take the Cyber Shield Quiz! Re-take the Cyber Shield Quiz again and  make sure you are ready for the next activity!

Work as a class or in small groups of three-four and look at both posters.

  1. One of your group needs to open the Qualities of Digital Citizenship template and make a copy for the group.
  2. Look at both posters and write a definition using complete sentences, of what a good Digital Citizen means to you, listing at least four or more qualities that your group feels is most important.
  3. Make a list of 3 qualities from the posters that you feel present the biggest problem in your school or with classmates, and write them down in your group document, or bold them if you copied and pasted them.
  4. Ask another group to join you and brainstorm at least two things you or others could do to tackle each problem. Be specific.
  5. Share these with the entire class and your teacher for feedback.

Completing this Quest

Before proceeding to the next section, check with your teacher to see if they would like a screenshot of your quiz results.

Check off this Quest on the 21t4s roadmap 

Proceed to – Protect Your Identity, Cyber Spy Game