21. Coding & Game Design

 What Most Schools Don't Teach (School Tube Video)


Think about your favorite game, that cool website, or the app that makes your life easier. What do they all have in common? They were brainstormed, coded, and refined just like you would research, write, and rewrite a research paper for your teacher. Programmers don't use magic to create the wonderful and exciting games and apps that you use. They use coding languages like Python, Ruby, and Scratch. These languages can be learned--you don't have be genius to learn how to code. Watch the video at the top of the screen and carefully listen to what these people have to say about coding.

Learning Objectives:

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. know why programming and invention are important in our lives [Computational Thinker]

  2. understand the basics of online game design [Innovative Designer]

  3. know how to use coding to automate a task [Computational Thinker

  4. understand computational design by applying technology to a problem [Innovative Designer]

  5. understand programming as you complete hands-on activities, solving problems encountered [Computational thinker]

  6. understand the coding your program creates [Empowered learner]

Quest 1: Get Inspired!

This Quest will share the stories of modern day innovators who are changing the world through their use of coding and programming. It is time for you to Get Inspired!                        
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Quest 2: Gamestar Mechanic

In this Quest, you will not only play games, but learn how to build them and troubleshoot them. The critical thinking skills you will use will teach you a lot about problem solving!

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Quest 3:

In this Quest you are going to go to the site and begin a coding project.

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Quest 4: Sphero

In this Quest you will learn how to program the Sphero. 

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Quest 5: Ozobots

In this Quest you will learn how to program the Ozobots. 

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Game Design Gold

Additional Game and coding resources are on the Gold page.

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