Q1 Get Inspired

21. Coding & Game Design

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Thomas Suarez: A 12-year-old App Developer.



When you create, what inspires you? Where do you get your ideas? How does it make you feel? These questions have different answers for everyone. No one is inspired in the same way, by the same experiences or emotions.

I Can Statement

  • name examples that share how people are improving our world using coding and invention


Computational Thinker: "Students that develop and emplay strategies for understanding and solving problems in ways that leverage the power of technologyical methods to develop and test solutions". (ISTE Standard 5. for Students)

Innovative Designer: Students use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions. (ISTE Standard 4. for Students)

Innovative Thinker: Students that are curious, good listeners, come up with new and useful ideas, and like to experiment and find new ways to do things.

Inventor: a person that invents a specific process, game, or device, and/or does this as a job.


1.  Watch the movie clip at the top about a young inventor named Thomas Suarez. While viewing the video clip, think about what inspired Thomas.  

2.  Choose two innovators from the list below and click on their link to learn more about them. As you read and/or listen to the articles, keep in mind the questions below. 

3. Open up a word processor or your blog and answer the questions below:

  1. Who did you research?
  2. What did they invent/create/design?
  3. Why do you think their creation is relevant to the topic of game design?
  4. If you were to create something technology related, that would make a difference for others, what would it be?
  5. Select one of your ideas and describe it in your document, and the problem it would address. Feel free to create a drawing (or a model at home) of it as well.
  6. Save your file titled "Invention Idea by xx (your name)" to your drive space or folder.
  7. Share your idea with your teacher and class as directed.

Completing this Quest

Save this paragraph as Inspiration Writing Reflection in your File Space.

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ISTE and Common Core Standards

ISTE Standards•S

3. Knowledge Constructor
d. Students build knowledge by active exploring real-world issues and problems, developing ideas and theories and pursuing answers and solutions.

4. Innovative Designer
b. Students select and use digital tools to plan and manage a design process for generating ideas, testing theories, creating innovative artifacts or solving authentic problems.

5. Computational Thinker
b. collect data or identify relevant data sets

Common Core Standards

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.W.9 Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research