About This Project

Original Team, Melissa White, Dr. Jennifer Parker, Frank Miracola (d.2016), Carolyn McCarthy

The 21things4students project originated from the passion of the founders of the 21things4teachers site. The 21things4teachers' site was originally created in 2008 by this team of Michigan educators (l-r) Melissa White Ingham ISD, Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore Macomb ISD, the late Frank Miracola Macomb ISD (d. 10/15/2010), Carolyn McCarthy Shiawassee RESD.

The RITS (REMC Instructional Technology Specialists) met in 2009 and began work on the Student site under the leadership of the four who created the Teacher website. RITS members continue contributing their ideas and content to the Student site. 

The work of these educators was originally funded by their Michigan Intermediate School Districts: Ingham ISD, Macomb ISD, and Shiawassee RESD. At the repeated requests by teachers using the Teacher site the student version of the 21Things was created. In 2010 the 21Things4Students was funded by the REMC Association (Regional Education Media Center Association of Michigan).

After the passing of Frank Miracola the 'Team' was joined by Jan Harding from the Macomb ISD.

Photo with Dr. Jennifer Parker, Melissa White, Carolyn McCarthy, Jan Harding

(left to right, Dr. Jennifer Parker, Melissa White, Carolyn McCarthy, Jan Harding).

Over the years a variety of dedicated educators in Michigan have brought their passion to the project. Many individuals have both volunteered their time each year, and many were contracted as content developers.

RITS: A group of Instructional Technology Specialists from 28 Regional Education Media Centers across Michigan (RITS) continue to help guide and provide support to this project. These specialists provide professional development to educators throughout the State. At times RITS members serve on the Advisory Team, but are an important network supporting the meaningful use of educational technology in the classroom,

Advisory Team: Educators from classrooms across Michigan that use the 21Things Project resources in their classrooms have volunteered over the years to bring their first-hand expertise to continually improve and update the resources for students and teachers.

Contracted Contributors: Each year a variety of dedicated educators are contracted on an hourly basis to help with rewriting and creating new content and resources.

Project Management: The REMC Association of Michigan and the Shiawassee RESD  continue to support the development and maintenance of this important resource by contracting with two of the original team members, Carolyn McCarthy and Melissa White.

MiTechKids: MiTechKids is part of the 21Things Project, and was developed in 2016 in response to requests by educators for educational technology resources for the K-5 grades. The creation and development team for this project: Jan Harding, Carolyn McCarthy, Dr. Jennifer Parker, and Melissa White, It is with appreciation that the REMC Association of Michigan acknowledges Kalamazoo RESA, Macomb ISD, Shiawassee RESD and Wayne RESA for their collaboration in the development, evolution and success of MiTechKids.

There are so many dedicated educators that contribute to this project, and have contributed over the years. If we have missed anyone, our apologies and sincere thanks.

Core Team members:

  • Carolyn McCarthy (2008-present) REMC and Shiawassee RESD
  • Melissa White (2008-present) REMC, formerly Ingham ISD
  • Jan Harding (2011 - 2018) Macomb ISD
  • Dr. Jennifer Parker (2010 - 18) Macomb ISD
  • Val Coffey (2014-2016) Shiawassee RESD
  • Kay Hauck (2015-continuing on Advisory Committee) Clare-Gladwin ISD
  • Tina Tribu (2015 - continuing on Advisory Committee) Kalamazoo ISD
  • Kate Grunow, (2014- 2019) Macomb ISD

Intermediate School District Directors supporting the original creation of the Project:

  • Ingham ISD and REMC Board Member Sue Schwartz, Director of Technology
  • Macomb ISD, Mark Cummins, Superintendent
  • Shiawassee RESD, David Schulte, Superintendent

REMC Association Key Support:

  • Sue Schwartz, REMC Executive Director (2008-present)
  • Steve Schmunk, REMC Treasurer 
  • All of the dedicated Board Members 2008-present)

ISD/RESA Key Contributors:

  • Lorri Batsie, Kalamazoo RESA
  • Jennifer Boeve, Hamilton Public Schools
  • Denise Brady, Shiawassee RESD
  • Kathy Campau, Richmond Middle School
  • Anupam Chugh, Wayne RESA
  • Courtney Conley, Utica Public Schools
  • Jeremie Coplin, Constantine Public Schools
  • Laura Cummings, Oakland Schools
  • Wheatley Davis, Warren Consolidated
  • Kristin Day, St Clair RESA
  • Kate Grunow, Macomb ISD
  • Kay Hauck, Clare-Gladwin RESD
  • Julie Hoehing, Lake Shore Public Schools
  • Ron Houtman, Kent ISD
  • Annette Hritz
  • Julie Hyatt
  • Renee Jorae, St John Public Schools
  • Frank Kyewski, Warren Consolidated
  • Julia Lengemann, Romeo Public Schools
  • Susan Lucian, Dewitt Public Schools
  • Tom Lurie, Oak Park Schools
  • Andy Mann, Muskegon ISD
  • Kristi Martin, Macomb ISD
  • Linda Maxwell, Dewitt Public Schools
  • Daryl McLeese, Paw Paw Public Schools
  • Shawn McMaster, Allendale Public Schools
  • Robin Pegg, Grand Rapids CC
  • Heather Pickering, Lakeview Public Schools
  • Del Pike, Ionia Public Schools
  • Doug Quick, South Lake Schools
  • Joe Rommel, Berrien RESA
  • Jennifer Rubin, Houghton Public Schools
  • Deb Schneider, Carrollton Public Schools
  • Stacey Schuh, MVU
  • Sue Summerford, Lenawee
  • Anne Thorp, Ottawa ISD
  • Keith Tramper, Kent ISD
  • Tina Tribu, Kalamazoo RESA
  • Melinda Waffle, Calhoun ISD
  • Michelle Wagner, Wayne RESA
  • Carmen Woodruff, North Branch Public Schools
  • Cheryl Wilson, Wayland Union Schools
  • Jacki Zawierucha, Utica Public Schools