• To provide teachers with supports and strategies for ensuring that students are able to access and respond to 21things4students lessons.
  • The components on this page are drawn from the Universal Design for Learning Framework - UDL Framework

This document has been compiled by Robin Pegg from the Eaton ISD in Michigan. PDF copy of this document.

Accessibility Features by Computing O/S Type

System Accessibility Guide Keyboard Shortcuts
iPad/iOS NA
Android NA


Translation in Google Docs

Translating a document in Google docs to a different language is a very easy option. Direct link to the video.


Translation with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft translation features are found on the Review menu.
Review > Translate > Translate Document will open your document in a different window.
Translate selected text can be done when you select a passage of text, then Review > Translate > Translate Selection. If you want the translation inserted into your document, select Insert.


There are two videos here, one for adding the extension to Chrome, and the other with using it with Office 365.

Direct link to this video.


Presentation Accommodations (Engagement and Representation)

The accommodations shared here can impact how the lesson is accessed by the students. These may include any of the following, or combination thereof:

Vision Accommodations/Resources


Possible Solution


Make everything larger


  • Windows and Linus: Press Ctrl and +
  • Mac: Press the command key and +
  • Chromebook: Press Ctrl and +


Make everything smaller


  • Windows and Linus: Press Ctrl and -
  • Mac: Press command and -
  • Chromebook: Press Ctrl and -


Use full-screen mode


  • Windows and Linus: Press F11
  • Mac: Press Command Ctrl and f
  • Chromebook: NA


Increase mouse cursor size


  • Chrome Browser: Accessibility Menu> Show large mouse cursor


Enlarge/increase contrast of keyboard keys




Hearing Accommodations/Resources


Possible Solution

Closed Captioning in YouTube


  • Go to your Video Manager by clicking your account in the top right > Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos.

  • Next to the video you want to add captions or subtitles to, click the drop-down menu next to the Edit button.

  • Select Subtitles and CC.

Closed Captioning in MiStreamnet videos


  • Select cc to show the subtitles 


Sign Language Dictionary




Reading Accommodations/Resources


Possible Solution


Screen Reading


Adjusting the "level" of the text



Cleaning up the page (removing distractions) *some also can adjust the readibility of the text


  • Mercury Reader.

    Chrome Web Store link

    It is an excellent tool that works very much like Readability, doing a great job cleaning up a webpage for easy reading. You can install it through the Chrome Web Store with the link below.

  • Just Read

    Chrome Web Store link

    Simply click on the extension and the webpage automatically gets cleaned up. If you want to make any changes, you can click the paintbrush icon in the top right to adjust font size, text color, background color, and more. When done, just click the big “X” in to top right corner to go back to the original website.



Motor Accommodations/Resources


Possible Solution


If student is struggling with use 2 buttons on mouse or is constantly struggling with the wheel



More complex motor needs


  • Consult with school occupational therapists or physical therapists



**If your student is struggling to communicate - please contact the speech therapist at your school**

Communication Accommodations/Resources


Possible Solution


Project Core



Action & Expression Accommodations


This is an introduction (8 min video) to some tips and teaching strategies for a digital age classroom. A PDF document of this content is provided directly below the video that contains live links to the web resources mentioned in the video.

Direct link to this video.

The Teaching Strategies PDF with live links that goes with this video.