Making the Argument

Are you wondering what is the value of adding Making to your classroom? Are you wanting to implement Making in your classroom but are unsure about how to begin the conversation with your administrator? We are here to help. Below are a few articles that discuss the benefits of Making in the classroom.


  • Supporting the Teacher Maker Movement
    • This article is a letter to principals expressing the benefits of giving teachers the ability to Make their curriculum. It not only discusses the benefits of making in the classroom but the value of Making for teachers. The author lays out 8 ways principals can support their teachers in applying the Make philosophy in their classrooms.
  • How to Incubate Creativity in School through Making and Discovery
    • This article walks the reader through Laura Kretschmar's, a math teacher at Lighthouse Community Chater in Oakland, CA, classroom with her students. She gives them a rubric with goals around collaboration, communications, and some program instructions. The rest is for the students to figure out through trial and error. "Our goal is not to create more scientists and engineers; it's to leave doors open for kids," said Kretschmar. Click above the link to read more.
  • Maker Education and Experiential Education
    • This blog post examines Experiential Education, Maker Education, and John Dewey. It draws connections between students' ability to draw the connections to their learning and community solutions that are relevant to them.

If you are looking for more literature, MakerEd has more articles. We also encourage you to check out the resources below.