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OzobotMaking in Action: OzobotAbout
Ozobot is a pocket-sized robot that can identify lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper.

Appropriate for Grades: K - 12

Making the Argument: OzobotAdding Value by Adding Ozobot
Ozobots is an award-winning robot for the next generation of creators. These bots can be coded two ways: online with OzoBlockly and screen-free with Color Codes. The creators of Ozobots hope to inspire young minds to go from consuming technology to creating it.

Classroom Makers Resources: OzobotAdditional Resources

  • The Introduction to Ozobots EduPaths course guides you through a drawing activity, highlighting basic robotics and then progressing to incorporating coding to make the robot follow directions better. .5 SCECHs.
  • OzoBlockly is a programming editor which enables you to take full control of your Ozobot's movements and behaviours. OzoBlockly enables you to create your own block-based program and load it into Ozobot Bit. It runs in modern web browsers across most major operating systems.
  • Use OzoBlockly Basic Training to  teach your students how to use the OzoBlockly editor and load programs onto Bit or Evo.
  • Fun games with Ozobot Bit and Evo that you can use to teach your students programming.
  • The Educator’s Guide covers everything you need to know about your Ozobots. From “meeting your bots” to getting started, training yourself to use you bot, to care and maintenance,
  • Search the Ozobot Lesson Library by grade level and content area to find just the right lesson or activity to use in the classroom.  
  • Start Start coding screen-free, with Color Codes that tell your Ozobot what to do. Simple enough for ages 6+, Color Codes teach basic coding concepts like cause/effect, critical thinking, and debugging.

For additional assistance with Ozobot or to try-before-you-buy, please contact your local REMC.


John Phillips
Project Manager
269.471.7725 x1101
Ann Smart
Project Manager


  • 23 Jun
    • Classroom Maker Summit 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
      Classroom Maker Summit
      Date: Jun 23
      Time: 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
      Location: Muskegon Area ISD Career Tech Center, 200 Harvey Street, Muskegon MI 49442
      Cost: Free
      Calendar: Classroom Makers


      The Classroom Maker Summit focuses on educators, specifically Michigan classroom teachers, interested in learning more about maker-centered education, STEM, and project based learning tools and trends, gain valuable resources and connect with maker-minded educators. Staying true to the spirit of the Classroom Makers project the day will offer plenty of firsthand opportunities.  If you are interested in the maker movement and looking for ways to infuse hands-on learning into your classroom then attend the 2020 Classroom Maker Summit. 5 SCECHs.

  • 24 Jun
    • Creator Summit 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
      Creator Summit
      Date: Jun 24 - Jun 25
      Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
      Location: Lakeshore Fab Lab, 221 S. Quarterline Rd, Muskegon MI 49442
      Cost: Free
      Calendar: Classroom Makers


      The first annual Creator Summit is for those interested in making, maker-centered learning, STEM / STEAM education, and educators utilizing project based learning. The Creator Summit will be a hands-on immersive event where attendees will work on personal or group chosen projects. During project creation participants will also be interacting with subject specific creative experts to expand their knowledge, increase connections, and experience project-based learning development. 15 SCECHs pending.