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In addition to toolkits, there are a number of high-quality sites that provide materials for educators’ use that include articles, lesson plans, videos, and other tools for classroom use. Review the sites below to find resources that will support you and your students. 

Resources for New Learning Questions for Reflection Tasks for Skill Development



  1. How might you and your colleagues use an existing curriculum resource to enhance media literacy?
  2. How will you share these resources with your colleagues? 
  3. How can you use these resources to support your students’ critical thinking? 
  4. How could you revise or remix any of the resources that are openly licensed to support your implementation of media literacy? 


  • Explore the tools and resources to find at least one you will use with learners or colleagues this academic year. 
  • Create a professional learning community in your district, school, content area, or grade level to collaboratively share resources to support media literacy. 
  • Share any free, high quality, openly licensed resources you find that support media literacy. 


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