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One great place to start in your quest to learn more about, and implement, a media literacy program for your students is an educator toolkit. The toolkits found below contain valuable resources to support media literacy education. Each of these toolkits was designed by educators for educators. 

Resources for New Learning Questions for Reflection Tasks for Skill Development



  1. How does the integration of media literacy help support core and elective content?
  2. How might you and your colleagues map out the integration of media literacy across the curriculum?
  3. Where will you start to integrate media literacy into your units, lessons, and projects? 


  • Explore the toolkits to find ways to seamlessly integrate media literacy into your content. 
  • Incorporate media literacy into one or more of your units, lessons, or projects or develop a new experience that supports the development of media literacy. 
  • Review your curriculum framework to determine where media literacy could support your standards. 


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Sue Schwartz
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