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Interactive simulations, game-based learning, and challenges are great ways to engage students and help them take ownership of their learning. The resources below were designed to support students as they embark on a learning quest to understand media literacy. 

Resources for New Learning Questions for Reflection Tasks for Skill Development


  • Admongo. Game from the Federal Trade Commission that teaches children ages 8-12 about advertising and making informed decisions.  
  • Checkology. Lessons and activities from the News Literacy Project that help students in grades 5-12 tell the difference between fact and fiction. 
  • Factitious. Game that asks middle and high school students to read an article and determine authenticity. 
  • Rock Your World. Project based learning curriculum that challenges middle and high school students to use media to take informed action on social issues. 
  • ThinkingApp. An app to help keep track of how much time is spent on various websites. Appropriate for all ages. 
  • #UseTech4Good. A curated collection of positive examples of youth and technology. Includes examples from all ages and grade levels. 


  1. How will you share these resources with your students?
  2. How might students use these resources to support other students?
  3. What media literacy skills do our students need to be successful in careers, college, and life?
  4. What is the role of an educator in helping students develop media literacy? 


  • Create a choice board or learning menu to share these resources with your students.
  • Ask your students to explore these resources and create a project to teach others about media literacy.
  • Share the resources with your students and ask them to suggest ways to utilize them. 


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