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Organizations Supporting Media Literacy Education

There are a number of organizations whose mission is to support media literacy. Many of them have created materials and resources that help educators implement media literacy programs for students. The chart below highlights some of these organizations and the resources they provide for educators. 

Resources for New Learning Questions for Reflection Tasks for Skill Development



  1. How can the lessons from Common Sense Media support your students? 
  2. How do the Media Education Lab and Media Literacy Now support you in collaborating with other educators?
  3. What resources from NAMLE, the News Literacy Project, The Center for News Literacy, and the Critical Media Project did you find most valuable? 
  4. How might your school, department, grade level team, or professional learning community build common language and understanding of media literacy and its role in students’ lives?


  • Share information about media literacy with your colleagues, either formally or informally.
  • Create a media literacy team in your school, department, grade level, or professional learning community. 
  • Collaborate with your school librarian/library media specialist to learn more about ways to incorporate media literacy across grade levels and content areas. 
    • If you don’t have a library media specialist, connect to your local ISD or RESA to collaborate with the instructional consultant(s). 


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