Power Up Teaching and Learning

About these resources

These materials provide guiding questions, learning activities, ideas, and resources geared towards helping educational professionals “power up” their common teaching practices using educational technology.  Access each individual resource topic in the blue menu box. 

Why Would I Want to Use This?

These are ready-to-use materials with a focus on implementing educational technology for common teaching practices. 

They can be used as they are, or can be taken and modified as wanted. 

Who is this designed for?

  • Providers of Professional Development
    • Facilitators of Professional Development
    • School Leaders and Administrators
  • Those seeking Professional Development
    • Teachers new to education
    • Teachers looking to brush up skills or get new ideas

What is included? 

The 5 topics - linked in the right sidebar menu - are:

  • Curriculum and Content Development
  • Digital Leader
  • Effective Communication
  • Learning Environment
  • Meaningful Data

Each topic is broken down into 3 modules.  Additionally, each module has 3 subsections.  This allows for ultimate flexibility in choosing the amount of material that fits your needs/time allotment. 

Each topic includes the following resources:

  • guidebook documents for professional learning provided for each topic
  • presentation slide decks (one per module)
  • professional learning activity documents (one per module)
  • overview videos 
  • template documents that are referenced in the other resources
  • toolkit documents to support designing professional learning around this topic


Contributing authors for this work were Advanced Learning Partnerships Consultants Myla Lee, Madeline Black and Tim Towslee. The work was possible through a partnership between:

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REMC Association of Michigan Dell Technologies Advanced Learning Partnerships


Power Up Teaching and Learning

Sue Schwartz
Executive Director