Curriculum & Content Development


When you enter your classrooms, you will have a set of expected outcomes for your students.  Your classroom content to teach these outcomes ranges somewhere between already having a well-defined curriculum with resources and guides, to needing to build your entire curriculum yourself. No matter where on that continuum you find yourself, these resources will support your abilities to help students thrive academically.


Google DocCurriculum & Content Develoment Guidebook - resources for 3 modules of content.  Educators and professional development providers can integrate these resources into new or existing activities or training.  Each module provides:

  • Driving question for the module
  • Learning objectives for the learners
  • Professional learning activity document based on the 5E's Inquire model for out-of-the-box training
  • Webinar Recording for asynchronous learning
  • Presentation for use in leading training
  • Protocol for deeper or reflective thinking

Google DocToolkit - a companion to the Curriculum & Content Development Guidebook, this resource can be used when creating your own custom professional development. It contains the following elements:

  • Description of what each module focuses on
  • Guiding questions used to develop the Curriculum & Content Development slide decks and videos
  • Content resources used in the Curriculum & Content Development learning activities
  • Integrated technology connections that can easily be integrated into activities when using these materials
  • Protocols or thinking routines referenced

Some ways in which the toolkit may be useful to you include:

  • Developing your own custom professional development around this topic, 
  • Integrating these ideas/skills into other existing content or offerings
  • Expanding on or modifying the pre-created resources provided in the Guidebook

Video DocumentToolkit Overview