Practicing and teaching digital citizenship and leadership better prepare our students with skills they need for the future.  


Google Doc Digital Leader Guidebook - resources for 3 modules of content.  Educators and professional development providers can integrate these resources into new or existing activities or training.  Each module provides:

  • Driving questions for the module
  • Learning objectives for the learners
  • Professional learning activity document based on the 5E's Inquire model for out-of-the-box training
  • Webinar Recording for asynchronous learning
  • Presentation for use in leading training
  • Protocol for deeper or reflective thinking

Google DocToolkit - a companion to the Digital Leader Guidebook, this resource can be used when creating your own custom professional development. It contains the following elements:

  • Description of what each module focuses on
  • Guiding questions used to develop the Digital Leader slide decks and videos
  • Content resources used in the Digital Leaders professional learning activities
  • Integrated technology connections that can easily be integrated into activities when using these materials
  • Protocols or thinking routines referenced

Some ways in which the toolkit may be useful to you include:

  • Developing your own custom professional development around this topic, 
  • Integrating these ideas/skills into other existing content or offerings
  • Expanding on or modifying the pre-created resources provided in the Guidebook

Video DocumentToolkit Overview