Promoting STEM Through Literature

Several of Michigan’s educational standards focus on engineering design thinking, collaboration, creation, as well as soft skills that include inquiry and problem-solving skills, all the while helping students see that with perseverance, anyone can be innovative and invent new things.

While it is an absolute need for students to acquire and use these skills in their lives developing ways to teach students about design thinking concepts and having them put that learning into practice can be intimidating.

This project shows educators how to use literature to get students excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by actively involving them in the design thinking process. With book cards/lesson plans that include pre, during and post reading questions, each book card/lesson plan includes a maker-STEM connection to the Maker materials already available in each REMC.

Beyond that, sets of books from Promoting STEM Through Literature have been placed at each local REMC.

Objectives include:

  • Promote the STEM-literacy connection with free, easy-to-use lessons (referred to as book cards) using materials available at all REMCs.
  • Support the REMC Maker items through the use of maker kit materials available at all REMCs. 
  • Provide training to teachers around the state in both the upper & lower peninsulas to promote the free materials and a design thinking mindset.

Promoting STEM Through Literature Contacts

Sue Schwartz
Executive Director