Coding and Drones


In response to the increasing employment opportunities in coding, along with growth in drone film production, drone aerial photography and drone engineering (Source: Drone Industry), the REMC  Association of Michigan has created the Coding and Drones project.  This course combines coding and the art of aerial drone control. The project offers a one-day training for facilitators to build a statewide network of Coding and Drones trainers for statewide impact.

The Coding and Drones project aspires to build on the REMC Association’s successful Maker project by incorporating new curricular connections.  

Additional program objectives include:

  • Design a one-day training for educators where they will learn to use DroneBlocks along with Tello drones through a design thinking challenge
  • Provide curriculum resources to training participants to assist with successful implementation in the classroom
  • Meet Computer Science  (CS) Standards and Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MiTECS)
  • Open to all educators
  • Additional support for curriculum integration of Maker concepts and skills.

Each training participant received a Tello Drone Combo Kit, and their corresponding REMC received two Tello Drone Combo Kits to add to their Maker kit checkout. Access to the DroneBlocks curriculum is available free online. 


Announced in spring 2019, the one-day, hands-on Coding and Drones training was opened to Michigan educators willing to learn new skills to incorporate technology into classroom instruction. No previous drone or coding experience is required.  DroneBlocks and Scratch curriculum for programming autonomous flight is utilized.  

The REMC Association of Michigan provides free Coding and Drones training for Michigan teachers.  Through hands-on activities, participants in this one-day training learned to use DroneBlocks along with Tello drones to manage a through a design thinking challenge.  No drone or coding experience is required for educators to learn the basics of bringing Coding and Drones to the classroom. 

Coding and Drones Training...

  • Learn to fly Tello Drones!
  • Receive a Tello Drone Combo Kit, and the teacher’s local REMC will receive two Tello Drone Combo Kits to add to their Maker kit checkout. 
  • Receive curriculum resources to assist with successful implementation in the classroom.
  • Learn to access FREE Droneblocks curriculum online 



As of September 1, 2019, all summer Coding and Drones training courses are completed. The REMC Association is considering providing additional training events in the future. Be sure to follow the REMC Association on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to the REMC Connect newsletter to learn about future opportunities to participate in this popular program.


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