Election + Media Literacy

Election 2020: Help Students Discern Authenticity & Accuracy of Digital Information

Election + Media Literacy The General Election is November 3. Now is a great time to use a lesson or activity to build students’ media literacy skills! Teach students to discern the authenticity and accuracy of digital information. 

The REMC Media Literacy Toolkit provides lessons, and interactive student apps, experiences, and challenges with free training for teachers. This toolkit contains valuable resources appropriate for teaching K-12 students how to identify fair, balanced & objective news, news vs. advertising, what is plagiarism, fact vs. fiction, and how to take informed action on social issues. It also provides a wealth of Media Literacy teaching and learning beyond Election Day. 

REMC also provides three educator training courses for Media Literacy. All courses are open to all Michigan educators and are free. The Virtual Courses provide 10 free SCECHs upon completion. 

We hope you’ll find the Election & Media Literacy Toolkit for Teachers helpful and encourage you to share it with your colleagues.  If you’re looking for specific or additional resources, please contact your local REMC director - check our convenient Find My REMC tool to connect.  

If you have questions or comments, please reach out to Sue Schwartz, Executive Director at 517-285-2151.


MiTechKids offers free resources and lesson ideas/task cards for integrating technology into activities in the classroom that prepare K-5 students for success in the real world. These resources are short lessons (20-30 minutes), organized by grade level and content area. 

First Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


Media Literacy: Fake or Real?
REMC Virtual Course

  • Free online course offering 10 free SCECHs upon completion
  • Registration deadline: 12/4; Course begins: 12/7
  • Register here: http://bit.ly/2zGzMvg

Media Literacy: Fake or Real?
REMC Learn at Your Own Pace Course

  • Free online, self-paced course
  • Self-paced courses are not eligible for SCECH credit.
  • Begin learning now

Media Literacy Toolkit
REMC Virtual Course

  • Free online course offering 10 free SCECHs upon completion
  • Course will be offered again in early 2021
  • Check the Registration Calendar here: http://bit.ly/2zGzMvg


Interactive simulations, game-based learning, and challenges are great ways to engage students and help them take ownership of their learning. We’re highlighting these apps to use with middle and high school students to determine authenticity and accuracy when consuming election information.

  • Checkology. Lessons and activities from the News Literacy Project that help students in grades 5-12 tell the difference between fact and fiction. 
  • Factitious. A game that asks middle and high school students to read an article and determine authenticity. 
  • Rock Your World. Project-based learning curriculum that challenges middle and high school students to use media to take informed action on social issues. 


Non-Partisan Fact-Checking Websites








Non-Partisan Fact-Checking Websites (Interactive PDF)