OER Creation Tools

Tools and Resources for Creating OER

Adobe Spark - Need a touch of video for your OER? Sparks user friendly interface enables users to drag and drop content, then enter data and record your voice. With a few button clicks a video is produced.

Curriki - A searchable library of curriculum units, lessons, and more, many of which are available for use, revising and remixing. Check the creative commons license before using a resource.

Dig CC Mixer - Provides a rich trove of music files that can be used in any educational project. Credit to the content creator is often required.

Google Drive and Productivity Apps
Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Draw make for easy sharing of content with others and, with the right OER permissions, users can revise the content or make a copy to use as they wish.

Open Educational Resources Archive - This Google Sheet includes a number of open educational resources (OER) shared by educators across the nation. Includes open images, video and audio resources, books, courses, simulations and game based learning, textbooks, and much more.

Piktochart - Use these templates and content (or your own images) to easily create infographics.

Pixabay - High quality images that are free to use for any purposes. These images  can be revised and remixed for any purpose such as enhancing presentations, print materials, and video productions by students and educators.

Screencastify - Captures to video what you show on your computer and records your voice as you present ideas and ask inquiry-based questions.

Stock Footage by Archive.org - Video content for building multimedia presentation.