Benefits of OER

OER Benefit Educators, Students, Districts, and the Community

  • Increase Equity
  • Personalize learning, Customizable experiences
  • Support competency-based education
  • OER are available to learners of all ages

Keep Content Relevant and High Quality

  • OER are hosted online, so they can be updated more quickly than traditional print textbooks
  • Flexible, not static

Empower Teachers and Students

  • Teachers have more freedom to design learning experiences by creating or finding a wide variety of high-quality, standards-aligned OER to support and supplement their teaching.
  • Students can use OER to supplement their studies, as well as create OER while learning.  
  • Unlimited possibilities

Save Money

  • Free, minimal costs
  • Savings can be diverted to teaching and learning
  • Streamline content delivery

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