Places to Find OER

One of the best places to start a search for high quality OER is to begin at one or more of the OER repositories. These sites house a variety of standards-aligned resources for educators. Our favorite is, of course, the Michigan microsite found on OER Commons.

General Repositories

Here is a list of a number of general repositories that contain open educational resources:

General Collections

General collections also contain a number of high-quality, vetted open educational resources. Some examples of general collections of OER are:

Individual State Sites

A number of states across the nation have joined the United States Department of Education’s #GoOpen Initiative and created a place for educators to find OER. These include:

Additional open educational resources can be found in this Google Sheet created by Michigan educators:

REMC Resources

As a teacher, you are likely familiar with all of the amazing resources provided by the Regional Educational Media Center (REMC) Association of Michigan. What you may not realize is that REMC provides a variety of great free and openly licensed educational projects for you in your professional role. These open REMC projects include:

For more information about the services provided by REMC, please visit

Additional Resources:

Video from The Council of Chief State School Officers

How can I find OER?