Grade 2

Extra Reading for Improvement

Empowered Learner
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Extra Reading provides 35 FREE reading passages that can be downloaded. Each one focuses on a specific skill or strategy. Students are involved in reading, writing, and some game playing. Quizzes are provided.

Students will:

  • Be able to read a passage on Extra Reading.
  • Be able to complete the activities provided. 
  • Be able to improve their reading skills. 

Vocabulary Words:

  1. Author’s Purpose: The author's purpose is the motive or reason for which an author writes, as to entertain, inform, or persuade.
  2. Character: A character is a person represented in a narrative work.
  3. Compare: To compare is to detect similarities or correspondences between two or more ideas, objects, concepts, and other elements from a text.
  4. Contrast: Contrast is to compare in order to show unlikeness or differences.
  5. Dialogue: A dialogue is verbal interaction between two or more characters in a dramatic or narrative work.
  6. Evidence: Evidence is facts, figures, details, quotations, or other sources of data and information that provide support for claims or an analysis of the text and that can be evaluated by others.
  7. Explain: To explain is to make clear by describing in more detail or giving relevant facts or ideas.
  8. First Person: The first person is the writer who uses I or me.
  9. Genre: Genre is a type of literature.
  10. Inference: Inference is a conclusion drawn from reading passage information.
  11. Main Idea: The main idea is the main topic of a passage.
  12. Narrator: The narrator is the person telling the story.
  13. Plot: The plot is the events and actions.
  14. Second Person: A second person is a narrator who addresses a story to someone he or she calls "you".
  15. Simile: A simile is a comparison using like or as.
  16. Setting: The setting is where the story takes place.
  17. Stanza: The stanza is the lines of a poem.

To prepare for this lesson:

  • The teacher should read the passages in the Extra Reading website for appropriateness to grade level.

  • The teacher may want to print out activities.

  • The teacher may want to print out the quizzes.

See Accommodations Page and Charts on the site in the Teacher Resources. 

Directions for this activity:

  1. Log onto Extra Reading.

  2. Select one of the 35 squares.

  3. At the bottom click Files to download. These appear in a file in downloads.

  4. Open the file.

  5. Read the passage and complete the activity.

  6. Take the quiz.

Different options for assessing the students:

  • Observations
  • Check for understanding
  • Class Discussions
  • Completed activities used as an exit ticket.
  • The students complete the provided quizzes. 

MITECS: Michigan adopted the "ISTE Standards for Students" called MITECS (Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students) in 2018.

Empowered Learner 
1a. Students articulate and set personal learning goals, develop strategies leveraging technology to achieve them and reflect on the learning process itself to improve learning outcomes.
1b. Students build networks and customize their learning environments in ways that support the learning process.
1c. Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.
1d. Students understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations, demonstrate the ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies and are able to transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies.

Device: PC, Chromebook, Mac, iPad 

Browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, ALL

App, Extension, or Add-on:

Extra Reading


The website Extra Reading can be used for additional reading or in small group settings.

Students can create book covers of the stories. 

The website Extra Reading has some math activities provided.

This task card was created by Julie Hoehing, Lake Shore Public Schools, February 2020.