ABOUT MiTechKids


This site and resources will be added to throughout the coming years. All of these resources are provided FREE to the public.

GOAL: MiTechKids is a website that provides K-5 educators with resources for integrating technology into activities in the classroom to prepare students for success in the real world. This site precedes the 21things4students.net website that is designed for grades 5-9. The MiTechKids site was formally known as 21Things4kids.net. 

CREATED BY: This resource is a project started by a team of education technology and media specialists in Michigan. The project receives staff support and funding through a collaboration of the REMC Association of Michigan, regional Intermediate School Districts (MISD, KRESA, SRESD, WAYNE RESA), and state-wide ISD's. The team appreciates the work of those who have created the task cards on the site. 

ORGANIZATION: These resources are organized by grade levels K-5, and at each grade level addressing the seven competencies from MITECS with the addition of a Basic technology skills category for all ages.

TECHNOLOGY STANDARDS: This resource is guided by the ISTE Standards for Students and is an expansion of the 21things4students.net project. These resources support the Michigan MITECS competencies. Visit the Hot Topics Introducing the Standards Page.

TASK CARDS: These are short activity lessons (20-30 minutes) created for teachers that provide ideas and resources for integrating free technology resources into the classroom curriculum. Task Cards contain: 

  • Learning Objectives
  • Vocabulary
  • Pre-planning suggestions
  • Accommodations
  • Steps
  • Assessment Options
  • Competencies/Standards
  • Device or Browser specific recommendations
  • Content area suggestions

INDEX: On the MiTechKids dashboard, select the Task Card Index. The Task Card Index filters the cards by Title, Grade, ISTE Standard, App/Program, Content and Creator, 

TARGET AUDIENCE: The primary audience is K-5 educators. The Task Cards have been assigned a grade level and standard. The cards are not limited to the assigned grade, and actually many of them could encompass multiple standards and grades depending on how the teacher uses the activity with the students. The cards can also easily be modified and often have extended activities so that they could be used at a lower or higher grade level. 

ACTIVITY PAGES for K-5 STUDENTS: In the Basic Technology Skills section there are pages with links to interactive games students can use to build their skills.


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Core Team:

  • Carolyn McCarthy, Shiawassee RESD
  • Melissa White, REMC
  • Dr. Jennifer Parker, Macomb ISD
  • Jan Harding, Macomb ISD
  • Tina Tribu, Kalamazoo RESA

Advisory Members:

  • Sue Schwartz, Executive Director, REMC
  • Courtney Conley, Utica Community Schools
  • Jeremie Coplin, Kalamazoo RESA
  • Laura Cummings, Oakland ISD
  • Lisa Fenn, Lakeview Public Schools
  • Denise Gallemore, Marysville Public Schools
  • Julie Hoehing, Lake Shore Public Schools
  • Lacey Khon, Kalamazoo RESA
  • Patricia Paxton, Armada Area Schools
  • Jean Smith, Van Buren Public Schools
  • Jacki Zawierucha, Utica Community Schools


PR Resources

We are pleased to share PR materials

MiTechKids 2018 flyer (pdf)

MiTechKids  and 21things4students postcard (pdf)


The MiTechKids site resources are aligned with the ISTE technology standards.

ISTE.org  The International Society for Technology in Education, "We help educators around the world use technology to solve tough problems in education."

MITECS: Michigan adopted the "ISTE Standards for Students" called MITECS (Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students) in 2018.


This section identifies the specific device the task card activity can be used with. In general, most all of the activity resources work on all devices unless specified.

Additional resources such as apps or web site resources are listed in this section as well.


This section suggests ways to integrate the activity into specific curriculum areas:

  • ELA
  • Integrated Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies