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Basic Browser Skills Vocabulary

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showing 4 browser icons (safari, firefox, chrome, bing)


  • Browser: Your home has an address such as the number of your house, street name, and city. Every web page has an address too, it is called the URL or address.
  • Web site: It is a page like in a book, but this book is on the Internet so anyone with a computing device that is connected can go to it
  • Type of web site: The last part of the web page address, after the period, is like a nickname. It usually has three letters. Look at the school web page. It might have .edu at the end can anyone guess what it is the shortcut for? Education, or .gov (government), .com (commercial), .net (network).
  • Logo: many websites use an image like our school mascot to identify them.
  • Scroll bar: On the side of a webpage that is long you will see a bar that you can drag up or down to see more of the page
  • Back and Forward buttons: When you go to our school website page, you can select something that takes you to a different page. If you want to go back you can use the Back symbol.