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The 21t4s Experience from the Student Perspective

In this section you will look at the learning environment and project-based learning activities of the 21things4students from a student perspective. The next section will explore it from the teacher perspective with the teaching resources and supports available.

Steps (from a student perspective)

1. Start at the main 21things4students page.

2. Select 1 - Basics. This takes you to the Begin Here Orientation to 21things4students page.

3. Watch the introduction video and the Presentation with the 7 main goals.

4. If you are unfamiliar with Quizlet, read and watch the video for that.

5. When done, use the link "I'm ready to begin Thing 1 - Basics" at the bottom of the page.  (looks like this)

1. Basics Page

6. Watch the animated introduction video, read the Introduction and learning objectives.

7. Locate and read the following links located on the right-hand sidebar:

  • Directions for using the checklists
  • Basics Teacher Guide
  • Learning Objectives Slide

8 Continue by selecting Quest 1 Navigation tips.
    Your task is to complete the following:

  • On the Quest 1 Navigation Tips page:
    • Review the steps and resources provided
      • Right side-bar menu: Student Checklist, Teacher Guide, and Competencies and Standards addressed
    • In the main section:
      • Introduction, I Can Statements, Key Vocabulary
      • Expandable sections with:
        • Vocabulary Game
        • Technology Skills Survey
        • PLG's
        • The Roadmap of Things and Quests
  • Proceed to Quest 2 Image Capture
    • Note the consistent structure of a Quest
    • Provisions to address different devices
  • Continue to Quest 3 Shortcuts
    • Completing this Quest section
    • Step 5 asking students to teach the skills to another
    • Step 6 Reflecting on their experience
    • Presence of a Rubric with Word or Google docs
  • Skip to Quest 6 Safe & Secure
    • Note the support for their school's AUP
    • Checklist of expectations in Completing this Quest

10. Skip to the Basics Graduation Page

  • Note that teachers can print and provide award certificates and/or digital badges (provided in a Teacher Resource section)
  • The I Can statements and I Can Statements Slide (for teacher use)
  • The process for them to show their Quiz results to the teacher
  • Preview the short survey in Step 4 that is used to collect feedback from students that helps guide annual revisions. 

11. Return to the main 21things4students page and select one of the 21 Things that looks interesting to you, perhaps something related to what you teach. Note the learning objectives and standards listed on the main Thing page and the Quest activities and resources.

12. Reflect on your impressions of the Basics Quests and organization.

  • What will you need to do to support student navigation and learning?
  • What resources are provided for students to support their own learning?
  • Identify any potential issues you might need to prepare for

Set your own personal learning goals, and review them based on your new experiences and knowledge, and revise them as continue.

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