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Professional Learning


Final Assignment

  1. Complete the 21t4s Personal Learning Goals and Reflection Document as you go through the different learning activities.
  2. Create a Lesson Plan that integrates some of the 21 Things 4 Students resources that are relevant to your own curriculum/setting, and that addresses at least one MITECS competency area.
  3. Lesson plan template -
         Suggestion: Refer to the Rubric by Liz Kolb to evaluate the effective use of technology to support the learning goals in your lesson plan.

Note: If you are taking this as an online course, check with your instructor for additional details.

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Additional Resources

Triple E Framework: Engaging, Enhancing and Extending Framework to bridge research on education technologies and teaching practice.

A rubric to help evaluate "When to Use Technology" by Liz Kolb

A Triple E Lesson Planning Template