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Tools for Teaching Online

Due to the Covid 19 situation, this is being added temporarily to this Learning Unit.

New additions will be added during the month of June 2020.

Creating, annotating, and editing Adobe Acrobat pdf files

Adobe Acrobat has become a standard way to post and share documents that can be viewed, edited, and/or downloaded on virtually any device. This makes it extremely useful for teaching online and working together virtually.

Adobe has provided a free Acrobat reader to open and read files.

Third-party apps and resources

There are a large number of free tools and resources that make these accessible and easily useable by students with a computing device with online access: smart phone, tablet, and computer. Some have made them available free during the Covid-19 crisis. Some of these are listed below:

Kami extension for Chrome


Creating Your Own Screen Recording Tutorials

Visit our partner REMC course resources:

Dynamic Presentations: Recording Your Presentation To Video and expand the different sections

  • Screencasting tools,
  • Tips for a good Screencast
  • Using Google Slides or PowerPoint

Multimedia Tools to Engage Students - Creating Your Video

  • Lessons and projects with video for the classroom
  • Planning your video
  • Video creation choices
  • Xtra options - using Google slides or PowerPoint
  • Some free and ready-to-use video resources for the classroom

Extending Your Classroom to the Cloud - Creating Your Own Instructional Video

Special Screen Capture, Casting, Sharing pdf of 2020 presentation by guru Leslie Fisher

Creating online content using Microsoft Sway - a 2020 presentation by guru Leslie Fisher

Locating and using some free online course/learning management applications

Google Classroom - sign up for the free Google Classroom REMC Course or visit the self-paced module. How to Use Google Classroom 2020.

Edmodo - get a free account Distance learning resources to: send messages, share class materials.

Schoology - create your own free teacher account for free and create and manage your courses online, or provide class materials in this as a portal, and have students submit their work, and grade it, and host discussion forums (asynchronously).  Schoology has a series of Getting Started Videos for instructors

Seesaw - remote learning Teacher Planning Guide and Remote Activities
 Teachers can sign up for a free Teacher account by creating one, or using their Google account.

Virtual Meeting and Teaching Resources for collaboration and communication with students and parents

Google Meet and Chat - how do they work?

Microsoft Teams a tool for Chat, Meet (up to 10,000), Call, and collaborate

Microsoft Whiteboard to use during virtual meetings - a pdf from Leslie Fisher

Zoom - What is it, how does it work, tips and tricks

Flipgrid You Might Not Know About - pdf of a 2020 presentation by Leslie Fisher

Wakelet, a resource that lets you curate content from the Internet into one location, so it turns into a story page or portfolio page. It supports twitter, vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, PDF, Web and text, and Immersive Reader.

Interactive Learning Tools

Visit our partner REMC course page: Engaging Students in a Personalized Classroom - Interactive Learning Tools

  • Interactive Lesson Tools
  • Interactive Study Tools
  • Interactive Assessment Tools
  • Interactive Game-Based Learning Tools

Addressing Learning Barriers

Visit the partner course Enhancing Instruction For All Learners - Addressing Learning Barriers

  • Free text-to-speech converters
  • Speech Recognition in Google Docs
  • Visual Tools
  • Audio recording applications
  • Adding closed captions to your videos
  • mATchup for assistive technologies and apps
  • Chrome Browser - Insert Learning
  • Creating Digital Artifacts