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Instructional Tech Specialist Toolkit

Resources created by instructional and technology specialists from various ISDs and shared here to help them support students, parents, teachers, and leaders with remote learning tools and best practices.

Help build out this toolkit: Whether it is a tutorial you’ve created, or a full-length webinar, or a document or a website, please complete this Toolkit Submission Form to share your resources and any additional materials.

Websites, Newsletters, Documents, etc.

Date Subject Contributor
5/19/2020 Address the many interwoven issues for ISDs and LEAs that encompass remote learning to consider as they revamp and revise Continuity of Learning Plans to be more effective.
Remote Learning Considerations
Mike Richardson, REMC 1, Copper Country ISD

The University of Michigan is conducting a research study to look at the experiences of K-12 teachers teaching remotely during COVID-19.  The data will be used to inform professional development as well as provide a snapshot of teacher experiences in remote teaching during COVID-19.  The survey is open until May 30 and takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Survey Link: 

Anupam Chugh, REMC 20/Wayne RESA 
5/1/2020 KRESA’s MI Streamnet Channel Setup Process TIna Tribu, REMC 12W/Kalamazoo RESA
5/1/2020 How to check usage date in Google Classroom

John Phillips, REMC 11/Berrien RESA

5/1/2020 Device Checkout Form (Students)
Mobile Technology Device User Agreement
Merri Lynn Colligan, REMC 16/Washtenaw ISD
4/20/2020 21 Things 4 Getting Started with Online Learning (pdf) and (website), located in Online Learning  Dr. Jennifer Parker
Kate Grunow 
REMC 18 South/Macomb ISD
4/20/2020 Distance Learning Toolkit Melinda Waffle
REMC 12 East/Calhoun ISD
4/20/2020 Essential Cybersecurity Practices for K-12 Michigan Education Tech Leaders (METL)
4/20/2020 Reading Aloud: Fair Use Enables Translating Classroom Practices to Online Learning Melinda Waffle
REMC 12 East/Calhoun ISD
4/20/2020 Safety and Privacy of Digital Remote Learning Solutions | Step 1 - Evaluation Michigan Education Tech Leaders (METL)
4/20/2020 Staying Connected to Learning weekly newsletter

Kristen Day
REMC 18 North/St. Clair County RESA

4/20/2020 Tele-learning Basics: distance learning supports for students with disabilities Ron Houtman
4/20/2020 Video Conferencing 101- virtual meeting best practices and using Zoom or Google Meet Ann Smart
REMC 19 West/Lenawee ISD
4/20/2020 Virtual Session Effective Practices (infographic) Anne Thorp
REMC 7/Ottawa Area ISD



Date Subject Contributor
4/20/2020 Using Flipgrid’s Screen Recording

Christopher Walker
REMC 15/Jackson County ISD

4/20/2020 Google Slides Basics Bob Frost
REMC 10/Tuscola ISD
4/20/2020 Using Google Forms Bob Frost
REMC 10/Tuscola ISD
4/20/2020 Google Drive and Sharing Permissions Bob Frost
​​​​​​​REMC 10/Tuscola ISD
4/20/2020 Google Hangouts Meet Bob Frost
​​​​​​​REMC 10/Tuscola ISD
4/20/2020 Free Screencasting Tools Bob Frost
​​​​​​​REMC 10/Tuscola ISD



Date Subject Contributor
4/20/2020 #GoOpenMichigan Ron Houtman
4/20/2020 Using Google’s Built-in Tools Craig Steenstra
4/20/2020 Screencasts That Blast Craig Steenstra
4/20/2020 Productivity for Ye Craig Steenstra