21t4s Student Resources

The 21t4s Experience from the Student Perspective

In this section you will look at the learning environment and project-based learning activities of the 21things4students from a student perspective. The next section will explore it from the teacher perspective with the teaching resources and supports available.


1. Start at the main 21things4students page.

2. Select 1 - Basics and go through the information on the page.

3. Continue by selecting "I'm ready to begin Thing 1 - Basics" at the bottom of the page.  (looks like this)

4. Watch the introduction video, and review the learning objectives.

5. Continue by selecting Quest 1 Navigation tips.

6. Make a copy of the 1.Q1.Student Checklist on the right sidebar and complete all of the activities for Quest 1 Navigation.

7. Your task is to complete the following Quests in Basics:

  • Quest 2 Image Capture
  • Quest 3 Shortcuts
  • Quest 4 Web Browsers
  • Quest 6 Safe & Secure
  • Basics Gold: Files and Domains

8. Proceed to the Basic Orientation Graduation page. Watch the "Taking a Quiz" video to learn how to use Quizlet.

9. Take the Basic quiz in Step 2 and screenshot your results. 

10. Preview the short survey used to collect feedback from students that determines annual revisions. 

Note - You will learn about accessing digital badges and graduation certificates in the next section. 


11. Open your PLGRD (Personal Learning Goals and Reflection Document) and reflect on your experiences completing some of the Basics Quests as a student.

  • What will you need to do to support student navigation and learning?
  • What resources are provided for students to support their own learning?
  • Identify some potential trouble-spots.
  • Questions I have.

*Reminder: Review your personal learning goals based on your new experiences and knowledge, and revise them as needed.

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