Final Assignment


During this independent learning unit, you have completed a number of activities. Please check off that you have completed each of the activities and complete the last activity in step 12

1. Chose a calendaring system and learned how to use it

2. Began populating the calendar with events for yourself

3. Created at least one additional calendar to be shared with others

4. Populated the additional calendar with events to be shared with others e.g. school events, due dates for assignments

5. Took a screenshot of one of the calendars you created or shared the calendar with your instructor

6. Chose a notetaking application

7. Took notes at a staff meeting or activity

8. Made the notes memorable with: highlighting, images, different colors and fonts

9. Shared notes with your instructor by inviting them to view them

10. Chose a to-do list application

11. Created a to-do list and shared with your instructor

12.  The goal of this module was to help you become more efficient and productive and pass these skills onto your students. 

After completing this unit:

  • Which of the three skills helped you the most? 

  • Which one or ones will you continue?

  • How do you plan to implement one or more of these in your classroom? 

In a word document, please share your thoughts on the three bullet points with your instructor

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