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Technical Support Essential Skills

About this professional learning  

These resources were developed under the guidance of experienced Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s) and IT Directors to help prepare new IT technicians. The resources provide an overview of essential technical skills that support an industry-standard service model along with the intrapersonal skills required to be successful in a customer-service oriented field, like technical support.

Why would i use this training?

As IT staff may enter the field from a variety of experiences, these materials are designed to support individual self-study or may be used synchronously with a group of technicians led by a technology leader.


Who is this designed for?

Entry-level technical support staff, help desk staff, staff providing frontline support, media specialists and others assigned to address initial technology issues or those seeking a position in technical support.

It can also be used by technology leaders to increase the knowledge and skills of their technical support staff.


Each category provides an overview of essential key topics and skills.  Each topic is broken down into the following areas:

  • Basics: a basic explanation of the topic
  • Terms to Know: important terms related to the topic
  • Information: learning materials and explanations that that include links to supporting videos, websites, or job aids
  • Additional Resources: supplemental materials for further or deeper learning on that topic
  • Task/Self-Assessment: a job embedded task or self-assessment about the topic

Each topic allows technical support staff to apply their learning on the job by addressing critical technical and personal skills that will help them be more successful in their technical support role.

Additional categories still under design:

  • Basic AV Support
  • Professional Communication
  • Cybersecurity Essentials
  • Service Model Basics


Technical Support Essential Skills

Melinda Waffle
Professional Learning