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Topics Found In This Category:

  1. What is structured cabling?
  2. Standards for Structured Cabling Systems
  3. Types of Cables
  4. Terminating Cables
  5. Testing Cables
  6. Mapping Cables
  7. What is TCP/IP and why is it important?
  8. Understanding IP Schemes
  9. Classes of Subnets and Subnet Masks
  10. Assigning IP Addresses
  11. Command Line Tools
  12. What is DNS and why is it important?
  13. Setting up DNS in Active Directory and Linux
  14. Troubleshooting DNS with nslookup
  15. What is DHCP and why is it important?
  16. Creating a Scope, Scope Options, Reservations
  17. Network Hardware: Switches
  18. VLANS
  19. Common CLI Commands for Switches
  20. Assigning an IP to a Switch
  21. Network Hardware: Routers