January 2023

Your input to forecast potential purchases helps us get better pricing for schools

We need to hear from local school districts. If you are considering ordering computers this year, please forecast! The forecast is not binding, you can change the number or kind of devices you order, or you can decide not to order at all.

Forecasting does not obligate you to purchase; however, it does show vendors the amount of interest in the different devices and encourages them to give us the lowest price possible.

The forecast window will be opening in SPOT on January 23rd and runs through February 10th. You need a SPOT account in order to forecast for your district or ISD. Instructions for setting up a SPOT account can be found on the Device Purchasing Help page. If you set up a new account or add SPOT to the profile of your existing account and do not receive confirmation within 3 business days, please email remcsave@remc.org, and we'll make sure you have access.

If you have questions, please email spot@remc.org.