July 2024

REMC MI Mystery Connect Project Spotlighted in School News Network

Mi Mystery Connect is a great resource from REMC

We are thrilled to share that our REMC MI Mystery Connect project has been prominently featured in the School News Network through Kent ISD. This innovative program is fostering connections and enhancing learning experiences for students across Michigan.

What is MI Mystery Connect?

MI Mystery Connect is an engaging educational initiative that brings together classrooms from different parts of Michigan through live video conferences. This interactive project encourages students to collaborate, ask questions, and use critical thinking skills to determine the location of their partner classroom based on clues provided.

A recent article published by the School News Network showcases the excitement and learning happening through this project. The article highlights a session where third-grade students from Kent ISD played the role of detectives to figure out the location of their mystery classroom, which turned out to be in Jackson ISD.

You can read the full article here: Third-Grade Michigan Mystery Detectives Are on the Case.

The MI Mystery Connect project is more than just a fun activity; it’s a powerful educational tool that promotes collaboration, geography skills, and a deeper understanding of Michigan’s diverse regions. Teachers have noted that students are more engaged and motivated when learning involves real-time interactions and problem-solving with their peers from different schools.

If you’re a teacher in Michigan interested in making a connection, register here. Participating in this project provides a unique opportunity to enhance your students’ learning experiences and connect with other educators across the state.