Dive into OER Vetting Resources

Dive into OER Vetting Resources


Dive into OER Vetting Resources is a two-day workshop. Participants will explore and vet Open Educational Resources using the Achieve rubric on the #GoOpenMichigan site. Participants will receive hands-on training to use the different elements of the rubric when evaluating OERs, as well as being able to provide educator feedback on the #GoOpen Michigan site. Stipends ($150) will be offered to educators who complete all of the required workshop elements. 10 SCECHs are also available upon completion of the workshop. Participants should bring their own wifi-capable device.


Some prior knowledge of OERs is required. Participants will be asked about this when they register. To build basic OER understanding or for a quick refresher, EduPaths offers a free 30-minute OER online course. Users need to create an account and login to take the course.


The two-day Dive into OER Vetting Resources workshop is free and offers 10 free SCECHs.  

October 3 & 4 | 9:00 am - 3:30 pm   
Kalamazoo RESA (REMC 12W)
1818 E Milham Ave., Portage, MI 49002 (Map)

Ready to sign up as a participant? Online registration is available here